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To eat real local specialties go to the restaurant of our friend Fabrizio:
Osteria Mugnanese

Our friends of Osteria Mugnanese

The "Osteria Mugnanese" is the perfect place to enjoy the authentic dishes of the area of Lake Trasimeno, dishes that thanks to the efforts of our friend Fabrizio continue to be handed down through the years.
The Osteria is located in the small village of Mugnanesi, a few minutes drive from Il Macchione and easily traceable.
With reasonable prices as well as the tradition of Umbrian restaurants you can enjoy fish Brustego: grilled fish on the lake reeds, cleaned up after cooking and served with salt and extra virgin olive oil, the Tegamaccio: pieces of fish from the lake Tench, Perch and Anguilla , cooked for hours in a large earthenware dish with tomato and chilli in the traditional manner, gently shaking the pan without touching the fish so as to serve intact.

Open by appointment only, call Fabrizio at 3473307452 he will be happy to let you try his specialties


The Osteria Mugnanese from Il Macchione



The Macchione from Osteria, really close as you can see.



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